This POWER Transmitter consist of Four / Two / One independent 10 dBm Optical Output (10 x 4 Output / 2 Output / 1 Output). This Professional Model Transmitter is specifically designed to Operate on Trunk (Main) Line. This TX operated on 12V DC external Power Supply. Uncooled, Coaxial DFB Laser Diode technology is being use for transmission of optical signal at 1310nm | 1550nm wavelength. Superior Quality Hybrid Module Amplifier and Hybrid Optical Receiver Module with built-in AGC circuit and DFB technology have been incorporated to achieve excellent C/N, CSO & CTB performance and provide stable RF signal. Power consumption is very Low. There is a provision for Optical Input as well as RF Input.


  •  RF Input AGC for stable RF Output  level
  • Otical + RF Input
  • 12V DC External Power Supply
  • RF Input 72 ~ 87 dB
  • Optical Input +3 ~ -8 dBm
  • Optic Output Power: 10×2 dBm / 10×4 dBm
  • Optic Out Indicators for each Optic Out
  • Very small in Size
  • Very Low Power Consumption
Laser Output

10 dBm, 10 dBm x 2 Output, 10 dBm x 4 Output


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Optical Parameter
Laser Type Co-axial, Un Cooled
Optical Receiver Wavelength 1100nm to 1600nm
Optical Transmitter Wavelength 1310nm
Optical Receiver Power +3 dBm to -8 dBm
Optical Transmitter Power 10 dBm, 10 dBm + 10 dBm, 10 dBm x 4 Output
RF Parameter
RF Frequency Range 42 MHz to 862 MHz
Flatness In Bandwidth ± 0.75 dB
Rated RF Output Level ≤ 80 dBµV
Rated Transmitter Input Level ≤ 80 dBµV
AGC Working Level 72 to 87 dBµV
General Parameter
Supply Voltage 12V DC 1 Amp
Operating Temperature -40 to 50 °C
Power Consumption ≤ 10 Watt
Dimensions (L x W x H) 154mm x 183mm x 51mm
Weight 620 gm
Warranty 1 Year
12V DC Transmitter (Profession...


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